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Owning Vs Renting
  • Let’s end this debate.
  • Find out how you can save thousands of dollars.

Choosing the Right Buyers Agent is Crucial!
Having the right buyers agent is a critical step in the home buying process as it can save you from a lot of hassle and stress.
  • ​ I have helped hundreds of clients in the past and we can help you too
  • My services are free! The seller pays my fees. Remember, the Seller has an agent who has their best interest at heart &  I am here to protect your best interest
Home Buying Process -
First Step
The first step when looking to buy a home is getting qualified for a loan.
  • ​Before doing anything else you need to know what you can afford by getting qualified for a loan
  • ​Don’t go house hunting before going mortgage shopping.

Grants and Programs to Help You Purchase Your Home
  • Most people are afraid that it will cost them thousands and thousands of dollars to purchase a home
  • There are a lot of programs and grants out there that can help you purchase your own home.                                 

 Pre-Approval vs Desk Underwriting
Once you find your dream home, we need to make sure you get to move into it.
  • ​Which one can cost you thousands of dollars?
  • ​ Don’t let the wrong documentation cause you to lose you dream home

7 Tips to Maximize Your Credit
Whether you’ve never owned a home before or it’s been a while since you’ve purchased, let's talk about the pros and cons.
  • The better your credit score the better your mortgage interest rate
  • Pay your bills on time and keep your balances low

10 Must Not’s when Buying a Home
  • ​Don’t buy a new, car van or truck, when you’re in escrow or you just might end up living in it
  • ​There are various loans and grants to qualify to purchase a home
Get your offer accepted in any market
  • Let’s end this debate
  • Find out how you can save thousands of dollars.

Buyers Vs Sellers Market
  • Understand the type of market you’re buying in
  • Learn  strategies to buying your dream home.

Offer Has Been Accepted, What’s Next?
  • It’s time for Inspections, Disclosures and Appraisal
  • Remember to stay in touch with your lender.

    What are the Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Home?
    • ​   Pro: Your wealth can increase as you build equity in your home through 2023 averaging about 3%
    • ​Con: Maintenance costs; work and money to keep a home in good condition
      What Are Contingencies?
    • Timelines to get things done
    • Inspections, Appraisal, Loan Approval

      Disclosures – What to Expect!
    • ​ Sellers must disclose to the Buyer everything they know about the property
    • Is the microwave broken? Is there a band next door? The Seller must disclose!
    Supplemental Taxes

    • Timelines to get things done
    • ​  Are supplemental taxes separate from property tax? 

    Are you buying Out of Town, Out of State or in a New Area?
    • ​ Work with a professional that knows the area
    • Meet my large network of trusted professionals
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